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Frequently Asked Questions



What is NASED?

NASED (National Association of Special Equipment Distributors) is an organization dedicated solely for the purpose of educating and advancing our trade. NASED is the only national group dedicated to maintaining the highest level of standards for our customer hearing testing equipment.




How do you ensure your technicians are quaified?

All certified NASED technicians are required to obtain a minimum of 16 CEU’s ever two years. 

If they should fail to obtain their 16 CEU’s they will need to be retest to regain their certification. NASED provides a minimum of 16 CEU’s per year with additional CEU’s available at NASED certified Manufacture training courses.



Do your technicians have real world training?

All of our technicians have on the job training with a minimum of six months hands on experience, under the supervision of a certified NASED technician. They attend the NASED school for technicians prior to taking the certification exam.




How often should I have my equipment calibrated?

Maximum calibration interval of a 12 month period after manufactures initial calibration. This applies to all Audiometric test instrumentation.




Under what conditions do I need to have equipment recalibrated?

Recalibration should be performed after any of the following instances occur:

  • A specified time period has elapsed (Annually, 12 month period maximum time period between calibrations)

  • When a specified usage (operating hours) has elapsed. This is based on usage and environment, typically requested by instrument owner. Typical intervals of quarterly, or every six month period

  • When an instrument has had an event which potentially may have put it out of calibration, (such as drop, shock, vibration, or other environmental condition)

  • Whenever the function of the instrument is in question

  • After a major repair or part replacement has been performed



Can you explain what is in my Clinical Audiometer Calibration Certificate?

After your equipment has calibrated your NASED technician will provid you with a Clinical Audiometer Calibration Certificate. To explan what is in this certificated we have put together this pdf that will take you step by step though our calibration process.  





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